A Merry Christmas with Our Mischievous Elves

Another Christmas season has come and gone with the usual flurry of activity and snow. The Nord boys are stuffed to the gills with cookies and candies, and our living room is awash in new toys—so much so that there’s hardly room for living! But while Christian and I may be tripping over something or other and stubbing our toes at every step, Wyatt and Graham are delighted with their stash, and really…what more can you ask?

The weeks leading up to Christmas 2010 were excessively stressful for me this year, but the holiday itself was just about perfect. We ate, we drank, we relaxed, we loved, we played, and we spent some quality time rejoicing in the birth of Our Savior.  

Yes, it was a merry little Christmas. But I would be negligent in my duties as the Nord Family historian if I didn’t mention a few little hiccups. Let’s start with our Rascal in Chief, Wyatt Oscar:

Less-Than-Silent Nights: Wyatt has taken up coming into “the big bed” in the early morning hours, right at the moment when Christian and I are most catatonic and least capable of giving him the boot back to his room. On Christmas Eve, we explained in no uncertain terms that Santa would skip right over our house if he didn’t find Wyatt in his own bed. And what do you know? Wyatt never budged from beneath his blankets, and we all enjoyed a long winter’s nap. But last night, with the “Santa is watching” threat off the table, Wyatt was right back in our bed at 3 a.m., elbowing me in the kidneys as usual. I’m now considering the installation of a low-voltage electric fence.

Feliz Navidad a la Mick Jagger: Both boys participated in the Calvary Christmas program this year, and I have to use the term “participated” loosely on Wyatt. For the most part, he sulked in the back of the children’s choir like a sullen teenager, trying to pretend he didn’t know all the words to Silent Night and We Wish You a Merry Christmas (even though I’ve heard him softly singing these tunes on the way home from school every day for weeks). He had a major turnaround, however, when the group broke out into Feliz Navidad. Wyatt quickly transformed from a wallflower into the next great American Idol contestant, singing at the absolute top of his lungs and drowning out all the other children. His bilingual teacher, Miss Ceci, was extremely proud of his rock-star performance. :-)

As for Graham, he really started to “get” Christmas this year, and it was a lot of fun to watch him shove his chubby cheeks with cookies and tear his presents open with relish. It wasn’t all visions of sugar plums, though. Our sweet little Grammy was no slouch in the rascal department. Consider these two examples:

Neglecting His Flock by Night: Like Wyatt, Graham had a less-than-stellar performance in the Calvary Christmas program. His teacher dressed him in the most adorable shepherd’s costume, but he was entirely uninterested in playing the part. For the first half of his class’s performance, he just looked stunned—a true deer in headlights. Then after 30 seconds or so, he simply gave up, lying down on the ground and refusing to be roused to his feet until the song was over and it was time for juice and cookies.

All I Want for Christmas Is Your Mitts Off My Presents: Graham is quickly shedding the meekness of his infancy, taking on a personality that can best be described as “Don’t Mess with Texas.” He is also fiercely protective of his “personal property,” watching over his new Christmas gifts like a testy mother hen. On several occasions over the last two days, Wyatt has unceremoniously snatched a toy out of Grammy’s hands mid-play, only to be greeted with a tyrannical “MINE!” or, better yet, a punch in the face. Grammy doesn’t believe in subtlety. And while we don’t encourage violence in the Nord household, it’s nice to see our little guy take a stand.

Behavioral blemishes aside, I loved this holiday season with our boys, and the memories of their playful giggles will stick with me for many years. I also loved the relaxed pace of our family festivities. No rushing about. No cramming 27 activities into a single day. Just leisurely enjoyment of good company, yummy food and generous presents. I count my blessings at this time of year—more than any other—for the gift of a wonderful family. One in which love abounds, laughter is plentiful, and a warm hug is always within reach.

— Sarah