Fabulous Four

On New Year’s Eve, the Nord family officially said goodbye to the Terrible 3’s. Our little man Graham turned Fabulous 4, and we’re all pretty excited! (Understatement.) Don’t get me wrong—I love Graham to pieces and give thanks for every day he’s in my life. But 3 is a tough age, especially for parents who suffer from Patience Deficiency and Whine Aversion (both debilitating medical conditions).

I’ve been reflecting about our family adventures as I always do at this time of year, and I’ve thought a lot about why the merry old age of 3 was so generally grumpy for Graham.

  • Why does he despise everything I cook?

  • Why does he insist on wearing pajamas all the time?

  • Why does he take such fiendish delight in the words “fart” and “poopy”?

  • Why does he run and hide under the dining room table when I’m already 10 minutes late for work forcryingoutloud???

The answer is clearly and obviously “because he was 3.” My logical brain knows this, and yet I’ve pondered these questions as I would the great mysteries of the universe.

When it comes to Graham, though, I think there’s a bit more to the answer. It comes down to the fundamentals of his personality, which vexed me deeply at age 3 but will probably make me very proud as he grows into adulthood.

Graham is his own man. He is confident. He is decisive. He is spirited! He’s also frustratingly stubborn, but then again, so am I…and I rather admire that quality in myself. :)

Without a doubt, Graham will lead a life of adventure and independence. He will travel the world. He will skydive. He will climb the sheer side of a mountain with no ropes or shoes. And he will most certainly cause me many hours of anxiety.

But he is also the delight of my life—such an interesting and wonderful person, and I can’t quite remember what Christian and I talked about before he arrived on our scene. So here’s to the Fabulous 4’s for Grammy Henry! I wish him a year—and a lifetime—of brilliant escapades, pirate adventure and a restful nap from time to time.

— Sarah