Honeymoon Rinse and Repeat!

Ten years ago, Christian and I started out on this funny journey called marriage. We were practically children at the time—still in college, utterly naive and very poor. But we knew we had a good thing going, and getting hitched seemed like the natural next step.

Our first order of business as a married couple was to jump on a plane to Cabo San Lucas for what proved to be a completely perfect honeymoon. Christian’s generous uncle and aunt gave us a week of their timeshare as a wedding gift, and we were able to stay in a posh suite at a beautiful seaside resort in Baja California.

We had no funds for food, mind you, and subsisted on pop tarts and Goober peanut butter sandwiches for most of the week. On the one night we did “splurge” and go out, we shared a single meal and a cocktail. But you know what? We were happy as clams and didn’t feel a bit sorry for ourselves. We were in love, enjoying a week of wonderful relaxation in a setting more beautiful than any we’d seen. It was perfectly perfect.

We made up our minds on our honeymoon that 10 years later, we’d go back to Cabo to celebrate our first decade as Mr. and Mrs. Nord. And this past week, we did just that. We had a bit more in the bank this time and were able to forego the peanut butter and pop tarts. But the essence of our trip was very much the same—time spent in quiet companionship, easy conversation, lots of laughter, a few minor mishaps and a little adventure along the way.

More than anything, our second honeymoon reminded me how lucky I am to be married to such a remarkable person. Christian is a catch, and I am deeply grateful for his love, friendship, patience and unwavering support.

So here’s to another decade! And another, and another, and another. It’s 50 years or bust, baby!

— Sarah

Check out a few photos from our 2013 Cabo adventure.