Kitchen Evolution

When Christian and I bought our house back in 2011, it wasn't what you'd consider a "dream home." That is, unless you aspire to live in a dark and dated split level with an assortment of 70s-fabulous fixtures and a side of shag carpet. Dreamy!

No, our house was pretty hideous, but the hubs and I could see that with some paint, spackle, duct tape, chicken wire and a whole bunch of elbow grease, we could transform this place into a perfect nest for our family. Over the last five years, we've attacked nearly every room. Some just needed a fresh coat of paint. Others—like our avocado master bathroom—needed total rehab.

The kitchen has fallen somewhere in the middle on the "hot mess" spectrum. It had good bones: solid wood cabinets, fantastic layout, plenty of space. But it was daaaaaaaaark. Cave troll dark. Black hole dark. You get the point. 

Christian and I have chipped away at the oppressive darkness bit by bit over the years. This has involved all manner of unpleasant physical labor: 

  • Scraping off sunflower-and-bug wallpaper (who on earth would choose such a thing?)

  • Removing green tile countertops set in 2 inches of solid mortar (who on earth would DO such a thing???)

  • Painting the dark wood cabinets a fresh shade of cream

  • Replacing the crusty hardware and ancient-of-days appliances

A few weeks ago, we decided to tackle two more major projects in the kitchen: ripping out a cabinet over our peninsula and "de-popcorning" the ceiling. This was miserable work, but the transformation in our kitchen is nothing short of miraculous!

I could rattle on for days about the improvements, but instead, I'll just show the pics. Here's a little chronological tour of our kitchen as we've taken it from dark and dated to light and lovely:

And here's a nice view of the final product:

Hooray for happy kitchens! I think I may have to cook something fabulous. Or maybe I'll just let it be clean for a little while.

— Sarah