Play Ball

What do you do when the YMCA cancels your kid’s little league game for the 5th time in a single season? You make up your own stinking game, of course.

That’s just what we did this evening. When we heard that Graham’s game was off due to “swampy conditions,” we decided to head to the fields and check it out for ourselves. Sure glad we did. We found the fields dry, vacant and perfectly prepped for a Nord baseball extravaganza.

Out came the bats, balls, bases and gloves. Christian cranked up a little Guardians of the Galaxy radio on our portable speaker. We slapped on hats and game faces. Time to play ball.

Graham came up to bat first and was on base lickety-split. Then Wyatt cracked a perfect line drive toward third base. The boys were up two-nothing before Christian and I even got settled in our sneakers.

Next up: me…possibly the most uncoordinated person ever to tread the earth. (I’m pretty sure I was the bat girl in little league and never actually played.) Believe me, I was nervous. But as I prayed that God would either have mercy on my soul or open up the earth and swallow me, a familiar mantra came to mind. “Watch the bat hit the ball. Watch the bat hit the ball.” This is the advice that Wyatt’s excellent baseball coach has been giving the kids since they were kindergarteners. And what do you know? It works! Two swings in, I connected with the ball and shot off toward first base like a rocket.

At this point in the game, an audience arrived in the form of my dear mother. She came to watch but immediately decided that spectatoring was not her style. To our amazement, she kicked off her sandals, grabbed a bat and sauntered up to home plate like an MLB All Star. The very first pitch, she nailed it and went scampering off to first base as fast as her bare-footed, septuagenarian legs could carry her!

Next up: Christian drove one deep that brought us all home, and the fun continued from there. Needless to say, I’m awfully glad the “real” game was canceled. Our impromptu ballgame was the highlight of the season. Now it’s early bedtimes for all and sweet dreams of a perfect summer evening.

— Sarah