These Kids Are a Hoot


Kiddos are funny creatures. Almost as soon as they learn to speak, they start dishing out the most hilarious one-liners, made even funnier because they have no idea how clever they are.

Graham: “Everyone in my class wants to be a doctor.”
Me: “Oh, yeah? What do you want to be when you grow up?
Graham: “A cheetah. Or a pig.”

Over the years, I’ve tried every method of preserving my boys’ comical quotations—from scribbling them on scrap paper to demanding a half-hearted video repeat. The paper inevitably gets lost, and the videos are never as funny as the original, unscripted moment.

So what’s a parent to do? God knows I can’t rely on my brains to preserve the boys’ youthful witticisms. I have the memory of mayonnaise. No, I need technological intervention, people. There’s gotta be an app for that.

And indeed…there is! It’s called LittleHoots, and I’m kind of crazy about it.

LittleHoots is a memory-keeping app that helps me capture all the funny things my kiddos say and turn their clever quips into whimsical works of art. I just type in a quote, make a few design selections and voila! A precious moment, beautifully preserved on my phone, printed on a coffee mug, posted on my fridge, shared on the ubiquitous Facebook and archived for the ages.

LittleHoots is one of those rare apps with staying power. It’s easy, it’s useful, it’s fun and it’s free. AND it’s made by a startup here in Kansas City! I do so love the local stuff.

So goodbye scrap paper. Sayonara lame videos. Take a hike memory banks. Your services are no longer required. This mom has LittleHoots. Let the one-liners roll!

— Sarah