Tough Sell

After six years of happy residence in Santa Fe Hills, we put our first home on the market yesterday. This action was coupled with all the usual feelings of excitement, anxiety and uncertainty that come with selling…or attempting to sell…a house. But for me, there’s also a great sense of sadness. We did so much in this house as a family, and as much as I’d like a quick sell for the preservation of our sanity, I also dread the day that we’ll have to turn off the lights, shut the door, and walk away.

This house is very special to us, primarily because we made so much family history here. Some of our notable firsts include:

  • First baby (and second)

  • First bottles, binkies and blowouts

  • First rolls, crawls and steps

  • First smiles and giggles

  • First words—spoken and read

  • First tricycle rides and big wheel races

  • First dance parties in the living room

  • First tender hugs and kisses from our two wonderful boys

Christian and I also learned so much as homeowners, like how to build a deck, how to install tile, how to hang drywall, and how to paint, paint, paint. (Did I mention painting?) Out of all the hours that Christian and I put into remodeling nearly every square inch of this house, we also learned that we make a GREAT team as husband and wife. Sure, we bickered a bit, but we also supported each other, praised each other and powered through the difficult moments together. I’m so proud of Christian for all his handiness and hard work, and I think he’s proud of me, too, and happy to have a wife who gets her hands dirty.

Over the last several weeks, we’ve worked like mad to get our house picture perfect and ready for sale. We’ve finished all those last-minute projects, touched up all the paint, hung a window box for flowers—all things we should have done years ago for our own enjoyment. We’ve worked ourselves into near exhaustion, and I definitely hit a low moment one evening when I was painting over a thousand little fingerprints on our hallway walls. I realized that I was covering up all evidence that our children had learned to walk in this house, one wobbly step at a time. Christian found me crying, wet paintbrush in hand, and wondering why we were doing this at all.

Our first house is wonderful, indeed, for all the work we’ve put into it and all the memories we’ve made. Will it be a tough sell? The current market is certainly not kind to sellers, and I’m prepared to be patient…to a point. But I think we have a good chance of finding someone who will fall in love with it like we did six years ago.

For our family, though, this house will definitely be tough to sell. We’ve been so happy here, and it’s hard to imagine this house not being OUR house. I do look forward to finding our “family home”—the one we plan to stay in until the boys are grown and off to see the world. But this house, our first house, will always be special to me, and I think I’ll always harbor some regret about letting her go.

— Sarah