Our Story

When you grow up with a dad who makes classical guitars and a mom who makes nearly everything else, it’s impossible to resist the urge to make stuff. All kinds of stuff—clothing, curtains, embroidery, ornaments, calligraphy, mosaics, you name it.

This “making of stuff” seems woven into our genes. 

Our dad is an incredible artist, inventor and “maker.” In the mid-70s, he learned the fine art of building classical guitars from a luthier named Macario Breseño. Over the next 40+ years, Dad built a successful business doing what he loved, and in the process, he invented many unique tools to aid in his craft. Dad has earned international acclaim and was recently inducted into the Missouri Music Hall of Fame for his contributions to music.

Then there’s Mom: English teacher extraordinaire and ultimate DIY queen. Mom was the most creative and resourceful person we’ve ever known. She wanted a deck on the front of her house, so she built one herself. She needed clothing on a budget, so she mastered her sewing machine. She wanted to give beautiful and meaningful gifts to her loved ones, so she made them by hand. Mom was constantly creating, inventing and dreaming, and she inspired us to create, invent and dream, too.

In April 2016, Mom passed away after a 2-year battle with breast cancer. In the days and weeks that followed, we struggled to carry on. We missed her (and still do) with every fiber of our being, and we wrestled with how to honor her legacy in our own lives. We also wanted to carry forward the many lessons we’ve learned from Dad, with whom we enjoy a close relationship.

After months of processing, it came to us: The best way to celebrate the lives of these two amazing people would be to continue their tradition of making beautiful things—together.

That brings us to today. We started The Home Place to share our love of sewing, painting, lettering, and other arts and crafts. We want to help you surround yourself with pieces that are inspiring and hold special meaning. Through our work, we also hope to spread a little joy and beauty in a world that truly needs it.

— Love, Sarah & Ellen (sisters and crafting buddies)